Why shop with us?

Quality at an awesome price.

When you purchase Jacqueline Deviante's lashes you know your are getting quality at an amazing price. We are not overpricing our lashes just to make an extra buck. We are providing quality at prices that are reasonable for the everyday gal, let's face it, we all want to look good but it shouldn't have to cost an arm and leg!

Jacqueline Deviante Cosmetics vs. the average lash brand.

Average Lash brand

Add Volume in seconds.

Applying your Jacqueline Deviante Cosmetics false eyelashes opens up the eyes and adds volume to the lash line. High volume on the lash line draws attention to the eye area, radiating a sensual, Bambi-like feel. Check out our Lash Care Guide for helpful tips!

Fuller, longer lashes in seconds. 

Achieve longer lashes in seconds with Jacqueline Deviante's reusable eyelashes. Applying the lashes is simple and quick. We have a variety of styles to choose from including styles that fit every girl's needs! Try the Egyptian Queen silk lash for an everyday look or the Almafi Coast lash for a night in the city with the gals!

We are here to help.

Don't know which style(s) to choose? Shoot us an email, or open up a chat box and one of our lash specialists will be more than happy to recommend you personalized styles based on your needs. We are always here to help and we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.


Length is #everything!

Do you have hooded eyes? We provide styles and lengths to suit all eye shapes. Lashes that begin with shorter bristles on the inner corner suit hooded eyes beautifully. The reason being is they help elongate the eyes and create the illusion that hooded eyes are wider and more awake. Does this mean that if you have hooded eyes you may not wear any other type of lash style? Absolutely not, fuller lashes with a lot of drama also look great on hooded eyes. It all comes down to preference! So what are you waiting for? You won't know your preference until you try it! Shop now.