All About Glitter.



We carry two size options for our glitters. So what is the difference & which size best suits you?

1. Particle Size: 0.008 - (ultra fine flakes, Finer Than A Dime collection)

The ultra fine glitter is very finely milled & it does not shimmer as much as the 0.015 sized flakes. This glitter size is ideal for a subtle glisten on the area you wish to apply it. It is very well suited for everyday use, nothing over the top. Although the Finer Than A Dime Glitters do not glisten as much as the Fine is Fine Glitters, they still draw attention to the area where applied & glisten when the light hits them directly (as seen in the photographs). 

2. Particle Size: 0.015 - (fine flakes, Fine is Fine Collection)

The fine glitter will glisten no matter where the light hits. It is the perfect glitter for a glamorous look whereever it is applied. The fine flakes draw attention to the eyes immediately, as they glisten quite brightly (as seen in photographs). 


Each glitter jar contains 3 grams of glitter, the glitter is not measured by volume. Therefore the jar may seem to be less filled at times (depending on the angle) - the net weight of the jar is  always be equivalent to 3 grams. 


What its formulated without:

Parabens & Talc. 

Nontoxic & Cruelty Free

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